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thumbnail - Cheap as Chips Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - Dove, bars, chips, coconut water, bath tissue, cotton balls, cotton pads, pads, shampoo, Schwarzkopf, Palmolive, soap, toothpaste, facial tissues, serum, toner, conditioner, hair styling product, dry shampoo, shea butter, deodorant. Page 11.
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CHIPPIE live Cheaper with Cheap everyday Dove 4,100g BARS Original Flavour AIM AIM 3PK AIN Cheap Aim toothpaste 90g 3 pack C1003331/AS139 everyday ONLY $3.99 each White Glo TOOTH TONER White Glo purple powder 50ml C1001923 purple serum 30g C1001922 NEW PURPLE TOOTH TONER White Glo PURPLE TOOTH TONER White Glo Cheap everyday ONLY $7.99 each MON SOIN COCOooning PURELY pampering Beurre de karite shea butter bente com bar with shabuer and warm vanilla scent Dove Soap 4 pack 100g assorted AA10123/5/12516/15107 Cheap everyday ONLY $449 each Coconut Water AllCoconut Water coconut water hydrating shampoo or conditioner 400ml C1003846/7/8 single buy $2.99 Cheap everyday 2 FOR $5 PALMOLIVE Moisture PALMOLIVE Palmolive Naturals shampoo & conditioner assorted 350ml single buy $4.99 Cheap Vibrant Colou SHAMPOO everyday 2 FOR $6 BIO-TECH COLOUR BIO-TECH REPAIR RADIANT SHAMPOO Schwarzkopf bio tech shampoo & conditioner 500ml assorted AB1154-61 single buy $5.99 Cheap everyday 2 FOR $9 ** Batiste Batiste Baliste original Batiste dry shampoo assorted 150-200ml AA11238-41 AA14577/AB1107-10 Cheap everyday ONLY $899 each colour hair spray 125ml assorted colours AA12570/3/4/5/7/9 TAN Cheap everyday ONLY $299 each assorted Lynx deodorants 97g-165g single buy $4.49 AFRICA DARK TEMPT M Cheap everyday 2 FOR $7 FAMILY VALUE AUSTRALIAN CRNED PACK Unisoft Bathroom Tissue Unisoft bathroom tissue 24 pack 2 ply 180 sheets AS187 Cheap everyday ONLY $8.99 24 each Unisoft Sale White RealCARE RealCARE SQUARE COTTON PADS COTTON BALLS Unisoft facial tissues 2 ply 160 sheets AS188 single buy $1.99 Cheap everyday Li 2 FOR $3 ROUND MAKE-UP PADS Real Care cotton facial pads 80pk square pads 120pk cotton balls or tips 200pk AA2857/3143/14211/AS165 single buy $2.99 Cheap everydayL 2 FOR $4 Jheap AS CHips

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