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PLANT COMPACT FRUIT TREES Little wonders For citrus success in a small space, pop a sun-loving dwarf variety in a pot or the garden Dwarf lemon For year-round fruit with a strong, tangy flavour, choose the popular 'Eureka' variety. It flourishes in warm climes and has almost thornless branches. Winter-cropping 'Meyer' and 'Lisbon' also thrive in warm regions, but tolerate cooler climates if protected from winds and frost. Dwarf orange Leave these ones on the tree for a bit, as they become sweeter with time. Tangy 'Valencia' oranges are ready to harvest from late spring and perfect for juicing; 'Washington Navel' are sweeter, firm in texture (so are easy to peel) and produce fruit from mid-winter. Grow both varieties for a long season of fruit. Dwarf cumquat The whole fruit can be eaten and it's also great for making marmalade. 'Nagami' has acidic, teardrop- shaped fruit; the globular fruit of 'Meiwa' are sweeter. Both grow 1.5-2m tall and are considered the most cold-tolerant citrus, coping with light frosts once established. Dwarf Tahitian lime This evergreen tree, up to 2.5m tall, has medium, round fruit on near thornless branches. It prefers warm areas but tolerates colder climes with frost protection. West Indian or key lime (Citrus aurantifolia) grows into a small bush to 3m high with smaller, seedier and tarter fruit. A FOR MORE PLANTS, VISIT bunnings.com.au/plants Dwarf lemon (Citrus limon) A dwarf lemon bears full-size fruit on a small tree, reaching heights between 1-3m tall. Dwarf cumquat (Citrus japonica syn. Fortunella margarita) A bittersweet rind and tarter flesh create an interesting flavour profile and eating experience. Dwarf orange (Citrus sinensis) Suits areas with hot, dry summers and dry winters; grows to 2m tall. As with all citrus, fertilise regularly. Dwarf Tahitian lime (Citrus latifolia) The thin-skinned, juicy and almost seedless fruit appears from mid-autumn to mid-winter. • 0 ° . • • • • • • • ° 0 82 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | f bunningswarehouseaustralia ° Photography Alamy Stock Photo, (cumquat) Getty Images.

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