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Advertising promotion BOSCH BOSCH BBOSCH BOSCH GSCH BOSCH BOSCH BOSCH BOSCH BOSCH Atino 25.000 7000 0150 BOSCH Twe BOSCH Q BOSCH BOSCH Measuring made sustainable Transform your home with the relaunched range of more sustainable DIY measuring tools from Bosch easure with precision - and a clearer conscience - using Bosch's new, more sustainable measuring tools. Made for everyone from seasoned renovators to novice DIYers, the relaunched portfolio of measuring tools makes them more eco-friendly while maintaining the same great features and quality the brand is known for. Bosch 'Green Zamo III' 20m laser measurer, $73, 1/N: 0189391 MORE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS The entire range of Bosch DIY measuring tools no longer uses plastic in product packaging. The product housing uses more than 75 per cent recycled plastics and 98 per cent recycled metal, and their manuals are 100 per cent recycled paper with no plastic packaging. It's all part of a commitment to embrace sustainability as a core principle through more eco-friendly practices. Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered. Bosch 'Green UniversalLevel 2' crossline laser set, $184.99, 1/N: 0540016 PRECISE LASER MEASURING Thinking of improving your home with wallpaper, carpet or tiles? Measure and detect precisely while you DIY with an easier eco-conscience. Bosch's sustainably reworked range includes 23 measuring tools plus their accessories and packaging, all featuring their new concept of largely recycled materials. Accurately calculate where to position tiles or artworks on the wall using the Green UniversalLevel 2 crossline laser set, which has top and bottom plumb points; the Green Universal Detect wall scanner indicates where it's safe to drill; while the Green Zamo III laser measurer gives accurate measurements of freestanding objects and irregular surfaces. UniversalDetect BOSCH T 0.150 m 21.957 m 14.638 m 39.276 m UniversalDistance BOSCH BOSCH EasyLevel BOSCH Zamo 0.5255 17.138 BOSCH 1 Bosch 'Green Universal Detect' wall scanner, $147.99, 1/N: 0028288. 2 Bosch 'Green Universal Level 2' crossline laser set, $184.99, 1/N: 0540016. 3 Bosch 'Green EasyLevel' laser level, $74.99, 1/N: 0540018. 4 Bosch 'Universal Distance 50C' digital laser measure, $149.99, 1/N: 0540017. 5 Bosch 'Green Zamo III' 20m laser measurer, $73, 1/N: 0189391. Scan the QR code to see the full range of Bosch tools @Bosch DIYANZ H BOSCH Invented for life BOUCH

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