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Advertising promotion Stay warm outside Bring the cosiness of the indoors to your alfresco areas all year round with Heatstrip outdoor heaters Thanks to Heatstrip, alfresco heating has never felt or looked so good HEATSTRIP HEATSTRIP HEATSTRIP Scan the QR code to see more about the Heatstrip range of outdoor heaters @HeatstripAustralia @heatstrip_australia 1 Heatstrip 'Classic' outdoor/indoor heater* with remote and wi-fi: 2400W, $599, 1/N: 0423649*; 3200W, $699, 1/N: 0423647*. 2 Heatstrip 'Elegance' outdoor/indoor heater* with remote and wi-fi: 2400W, $799, 1/N: 0261162; 3200W, $899, 1/N: 0261163. 3 Heatstrip 'Intense' outdoor heater with remote and wi-fi in Black: 2200W, $499, 1/N: 0423650*, 3200W, $599, 1/N: 0423648*. 4 Heatstrip 'Enhance' outdoor heater with remote and wi-fi: 2400W, $629, 1/N: 0423646*; 3200W, $729, 1/N: 0423645*. Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered. *Indoor areas, such as a pergola or verandah. *Not all products are available in all states and territories. Available to order online or at the Special Orders Desk. ummer never seems to last long enough, but while the season of warm temperatures might be over, there's no need to say goodbye to barbecues and outdoor dinner parties. Banish the chill and use your outdoor spaces through all the seasons with Heatstrip, the go-to solution for outdoor heating and comfort. ON HIGH When it comes to outdoor heaters, there are a few options, but Heatstrip heaters come out head and shoulders above the rest - literally. Designed to be ceiling or wall mounted, Heatstrip heaters evenly distribute radiant heat down onto the area below them - the dining table or a cosy conversation zone, for example - instead of inefficiently trying to heat the air in between. Since they warm only specific areas and objects, you don't waste energy heating an entire outdoor room. Sleek and discreet, the black slimline Heatstrip Classic or Heatstrip Enhance sit elegantly and unobtrusively in any space, while the white Heatstrip Elegance achieves virtual invisibility on a white ceiling. TURN UP THE HEAT Some outdoor spaces are harder to heat than others and when you're dealing with a semi-exposed area, with limited protection from the elements, you need a high-intensity heat. Heatstrip Intense is the high-heat, energy-efficient solution. The carbon filament infra- red heating element gives instant, high-performance heat with a gentle and visually warming glow. CONNECT TO CONTROL Providing instant heat at the flick of a switch - meaning no wheeling out portable heaters or mucking around with gas bottles - Heatstrip outdoor heaters are already winners when it comes to ease of use, but it gets even better; they also come with remote and app control. This smart home connectivity makes it simple to change the heat setting, set a timer, turn it on before you go outside, or check you've turned it off at the end of the night. Just use the app on your smartphone, or control via Google or Amazon smart home platforms.

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