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Promotion Beetroot Cabbage 'Sugar Sweet' Create your own winter harvest Get ready for easy winter harvests and hearty cool season cooking with the Floriana Gourmet Gardener range. asty soups, stews, casseroles and curries are calling for these winter vegies, so why not ☐ grow them yourself for a season long supply! These cool weather crops are best planted when the bite from the hot Australian summer has passed and the evenings are nice and cool. They'll still appreciate a full sun spot in your garden and a nice rich compost with well drained soil. CAULIFLOWER WHITE SHOW FLORIANA SUITABLE POTS GOURMET GARDENER 9313062052971 Bring a touch of snow to your winter garden with Cauliflower 'White Snow'. Its bright white florets are the perfect addition to hearty winter cooking on cold nights. This medium to large plant has upright growth, making it ideal for garden beds and pots. Broccoli 'Bambino' might be the baby of the bunch, but don't be fooled - this is a very high yielding variety. The small florets with long stems just keep on coming throughout the cooler weather, giving you a much longer harvest period than large headed broccoli. BROCCOLI FLORIANA GOURMET GARDENER SAMENO REPEAT MARVEST 9313062052940 For sweet cabbage success plant Cabbage 'Sugar Sweet', it produces crisp, green, medium-sized heads that mature early. As an added bonus this Australian bred hybrid variety is easy to grow and has a superior disease resistance. BEETROOT CABBAGE SUGAR SWEET #2 EASY TO GROW FLORIANA ON KONTANT AN GOURMET GARDENER 9313062052964 For a quick growing, versatile veg, you can't beat 'Beetroot'. Its young leaves are great eaten raw in salads and sandwiches, while the older leaves can be cooked up like spinach. The prize of a beetroot harvest is the rich, dark ruby root - get to them FLORIANA GOURMET GARDENER 9313062061409 SPINACH BONMAN when they're no bigger than a tennis ball for the sweetest taste. Flex those winter gardening muscles and grow Spinach 'Ironman' - its dark green leaves are loaded with vitamins and iron. 3-4 weeks after planting, you'll be able to harvest leaves for cooking, salads and sandwiches. IRON FLORIANA BARU IN MUM 9313062061621 Spinach 'Ironman' "...because the best gardens start with Floriana" CAULIFLOWER WHITE SHOW 12 POTS FLORIANA GOURMET GARDENER 9313062052971 FLORIANA® GOURMET GARDENER ® Growing Tips: • FOO @florianaplants Before planting, prepare your patch by enriching well drained soil with compost and complete pelletised fertiliser. • Ward off hungry cabbage moth caterpillars with the plastic deterrent moths or wildlife safe netting. Scan to see the range available in store Check your local Bunnings for in season varieties available in your region.

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