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"Native trees become like luxury rest stops for birds" Holly Parsons, BirdLife Australia Natural magnets One of the rewards of planting native trees, rather than exotic species, is the fact you're helping to support native wildlife. Native bees, butterflies and other insects and wildlife have all seen their habitats shrink as cities expand. Planting native species helps redress the balance, explains Holly Parsons. "Picture a city where trees form a leafy network weaving through the urban landscape. This canopy isn't just pretty, it's a vital connector for wildlife," she says. "Birds, insects and other creatures use it as a green highway, allowing them to move freely, find food and create a thriving urban ecosystem. For wildlife, native is best." WELCOME VISITORS Plant natives and they will come... PAINTED LADY BUTTERFLY SMALL MARSUPIALS (SUCH AS GLIDERS AND POSSUMS) HONEYEATERS AUSTRALIA'S WILDFLOWERS 1 ralian Native Flower Mix Native Seed Fantastic mix of classic Australien natives 9 RICHGRO NATURAL Hard Wood Mulch 40LNET 2 60 Litres Net RICHGRO HARD WOOD MULCH 10 NEUTROG Biological Fertilisers BUSH TUCKER NATIVE PLANT FERTILISER 3 SHOP 11 NATIVE BEE SANCTUARY KIT Includes pollinator attracting flower seeds! 4 Scotts Osmocote Native Controlled Release Fertiliser 1kg 12 13 5 Әлден RICHGRO Organics® NATIVE & PROTEA PLANT FOOD 100 10 Sig net weight 6 Scotts Osmocote Native Premium Potting Mix Native 7 25L 14 1 Mr Fothergill's 'Australian Native' flower mix seeds, $5.18, 1/N: 2962134. 2 Richgro hard wood mulch, $12.59/40L, I/N: 2980026. 3 Neutrog 'Bush Tucker' native fertiliser, $31.44/4kg, 1/N: 0057432. 4 Mr Fothergill's native bee sanctuary kit, $31.98, 1/N: 0207917. 5 Scotts Osmocote 'Native' controlled release fertiliser, $14.63/1kg, 1/N: 2961303. 6 Richgro 'Organics' native and protea plant food, $16.86/5kg, 1/N: 2961713. 7 Scotts Osmocote 'Native' premium potting mix, $12.98/25L, I/N: 2961492. 8 'Captain Cook' callistemon. 9 Native violet. 10 Purple hop bush. 11 'Spring Mist' emu bush. 12 'Elegance' syzygium Australe. 13 'Bush Blitz' kangaroo paw. 14 Banksia 'Birthday Candles'. Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered. 38 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | f bunningswarehouseaustralia Photography Sue Stubbs, (butterfly, sugar glider and honeyeater) Getty Images.

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