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cream-to-yellow fragrant blooms in spring. The frothy white blooms of Melaleuca linariifolia, known rather romantically as 'Snow in Summer', make it another good choice for a native feature tree. When planting trees as features, get the placement right. Position them on their own in the middle of a lawn, or in a prominent position which puts them front and centre when viewed from the house or a back deck. Shady characters The flickering shadows of swaying tree branches look lovely on a lawn and also offer important sun protection. If you're choosing native trees for shade, think about shape and proportions, and choose species that are within your preferred height range. Eucalypts, with their open branch structure and narrow leaves, provide a light filtered shade, and these days there are many smaller varieties in the 6-10m range. The willow myrtle (Agonis flexuosa) is another lovely shade tree, with a broad head of weeping branches and small white flowers in spring. For something a little larger, try one of the shapely banksias - Banksia integrifolia (coast banksia) is beautiful with its gnarled trunk, silver-backed leaves and lime-green/yellow flower spikes. Screen stars To give a garden privacy and create a sense of leafy enclosure, focus on boundaries and fence lines. The ideal trees for these zones are species with dense evergreen foliage which can be pruned back if they get too tall. Lilly pillies can create the effect of a tall hedge and respond well to pruning - there are dozens of forms available. The lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is another dense-foliaged tree with the bonus of aromatic leaves that can flavour food and drinks. It responds well to trimming, so can be kept to more shrubby proportions. The ivory curl tree (Buckinghamia celsissima) produces a display of cream flowers in summer and autumn, and medium-sized wattles (Acacia species) are great if you're after quick privacy. Macadamia trees also make an effective screen or windbreak and can be trimmed to a suitable height.▸ With pink bottlebrush flowers, Callistemon hybrida Magenta makes a lovely hedge 36 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | bunningswarehouseaustralia In a native-inspired garden, use large native shrubs like this yellow-flowering grevillea to bridge the space between trees and groundcovers THE RIGHT HEIGHT When choosing any garden tree, always check the height and width details before you buy. The plant label is a great resource as it provides the dimensions of the tree when mature - these are given as a range to allow for different climate and soil conditions. For extra information, speak to a nursery expert, or do your own research online. Photography (top) John Downs, (below) Reuben Looi, styling/garden designer Alexandria (Sandy) Mahoney.

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