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E W hen you think of the Australian landscape, it's the trees that spring to mind - eucalypts, banksias, wattles and so many more. They look just as fabulous in garden landscapes, too, bringing wonderful shapes, foliage textures and seasonal flowers to the scene, while being easy to grow and supporting a whole range of native wildlife. And you don't need a large garden to plant native trees - there are many small-sized options that have been specially bred to suit compact backyards. Locally made Native trees have the great advantage of being adapted to local conditions, so they're easier to grow and less demanding. Most species have low water requirements once established - important in an era of climate change - and they're also well adapted to Australia's low- nutrient soils. Then there are the habitat benefits of local flora - just one native flowering tree can support a variety of birds, wildlife and pollinating insects as they leapfrog their way between food sources across the suburbs. Birds, in particular, benefit from these green highways, explains Holly Parsons from BirdLife Australia. "Native trees offer shelter, perfect nesting spots and a delightful feast for our avian neighbours," she says. "Different trees provide different resources that birds need, so mix it up." The main feature The best native species to use as feature trees are the flowering types - - an explosion of seasonal blooms will grab the eye every time. At the top of the list would have to be the flowering gums (forms of Corymbia ficifolia) which bear stunning summer flowers. 'Summer Red', 'Summer Beauty' and 'Baby Orange' are three lovely smaller forms that grow 3-6 metres tall. For a splash of scarlet red at Christmas time, the NSW Christmas bush is great, too it forms a shapely tree up to about 6 metres high. If you like your flowers perfumed, consider native frangipani (Hymenosporum flavum), a slender grower with shiny leaves and▸ - 34 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ① bunnings | ⑰ bunnings | bunningswarehouseaustralia ch Strauss. (Opposite: red-flowering gum, now in Summer) Alamy Stock Photo; (NSW pani, lemon myrtle, lilly pilly, coast banksia) Getty products from suppliers other than Bunnings.

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