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COMBO DEAL* SAVE $30 WHEN YOU BUY A SCHUTZ GUN TOGETHER WITH A TXT COATING 1L ADJUSTABLE UNDERBODY SPRAY GUN ACUN 09.00 TXT COATING BLACK 1L BLKTXT1 $60.00 "N-STORE ONLY CAR BUILDERS TXT COATING DURABLE TEXTURE COAT Permatex ULTRA Black Gasket Ma Perm ULTRA Blue Gasket Mak 82180 81724 Per Permatex ULTRA Grey Gasket Ma High Tore Permatex ULTRA COPPER Gasket Maker CAR BUILDERS 15% OFF SURFACE PREP CLEANER Removes dirt, road tar, grease, wax & oil from any surface without leaving a film residue. SOPRO 20% OFF SAVE $20 20 KG FOLDABLE PANEL WORK STAND With soft NBR rubber protection. EGP5200 89145 EVE SAVE $5 SELECTED GASKET MAKERS Silicone gasket makers for range of applications 81724 858 AVAILABLE IN BLUE, GREY, BLACK&COFFER Permatex FROM Permatex $2499 ONLY BUILDERS $1599 TRAILERS/UTE TRAYS/TOOL BOXES UNDER FLOORPANS/WHEEL HOUS BLACK 1L Permatex VENT-NO H BOTH FOR $129 10% OFF PREMUM SPRAY ADHESIVE SUITABLE FOR ALL PHOLSTERY PROJECTS 3.550/M Coverage adhering both surfaces. Highly charged cans that feature easy to use adjustable nazzle. SA ER BUILDE ONLY $2899 15% SPRAY GUNS Motospray range of Spray Guns are suitable for DIY or Trade delivering professional results for Automotive, Marine or Domestic use application MSAS 61 MOTOSPRAY Low price guarantee FROM $4199 ACRYLIC SAVE $5 LACQUERS 400G Premium quality topcoat paints with an outstanding finish and cellent adhesion and durability M588400 AULABLE IN SATON BLACK, BLOSS BLACK, MATTE BLACK & NON OPACITY MONTE ACRYLI MOTOSPRAY ONLY $1699 12 PIECE TRIM & AUDIO REMOVAL SET Comprehensive kit for the removal of trim, facias and audio equipment. 671070 ALSO AVAILABLE SPC TRIM REMOVAL SET WITH CANVAS POUCH GT100 $10.00 10PC TRIN & AUDIO REMOVAL SET GT 1023 $30.00 ONLY $1599 SAVE $10 7 PIECE BODY REPAIR KIT Includes 3x panel hammers, 1x shrinking dolly, 1x double ended hand dolly, 1x utility dally, 1x curved dolly. Blowmould carry case. 671028 ONLY $4499 10% OFF CLEANING SOLVENTS Clean and prepare surfaces prior 10 application ACETONE BOOM MACET500 $14.00 PREPWASH WAX & GREASE REMOVER 500ML MSPREPS00 $14.00 AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS BES TREME EGGARAGE SAVE $10 12 PIECE SLIDE HAMMER SET Ideal for panel repairs. Blowmould carry case. GT1053 10% OFF autobarn ONLY $6999 ONLY $7999 CLEARCOAT FINISH 1L MSTCC1 $30.00 LEGG45120 ACET MOTOSPRAY MOTOSPRAY ACETONE ACET WASH FROM $1499 10% PRIMERS AVAILABLE IN 1L & 4L ACRYLIC PRIMER SURFACER GREY MSAPSG1 FROM $31.00 PRINER & PUTTY MSCHIFO$31.90 ETCH PRIMER GREY MESEPI FROM $35. MOTOSPRAY PRIMER & PUTTY IN ONE FROM $3199 MOTOSPRAY ACRYLIC LACQUER MOTOSPRAY FROM $3999 10% ACRYLIC LACQUERS AC FIN5681 AVAILABLE IN 1L & 4L OFF IN BATEN BLACK, BLOSS BLACK &HEN OPACITY WE MOTOSPRAY ACRYLIC LACQUER PREMIUM TOP COAT MOTOSPRAY FROM $3999

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