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ALDI Catalogue - 2.1.2019 - 8.1.2019 - Sales products - gloves, stand, switch, timer, charcoal, water. Page 8.
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WATER WISE BULKY ITEM BRING A $5Q99 kit YEAR WARRANTY GARDE NLİNE. max p-46 bar max 46 m o$009936 Linking kit allows multiple tanks to be connected YEAR RANT YEAR ratchet cut and single cut 2999 GARDENLINE 2:00 $799 pr, $999 a GARDEN PUMP 1100W $99.99 GARDEN TAP TIMER $29.99. Digital water timer .Programmable automatic control for your hose and sprinklers Manual on/off switch DUALACTION SE at the flick of a switch Ratchet cut option provides 4 x cutting power to make pruning, cutting and grafting easy. Single cut option is ideal for delicate trimming or pruning PREMIUM GARDEN GLOVES $7.99 .Soft leather palm. Flexible synthetic back with adjustable wristband . Red, Blue, Charcoal or Green . Sizes: S-XL 3600L/h flow rate Electric flow switch with LCD display. Integrated pre-filter with non- return valve to maximise life. Automatic and timer functions. 4.6bar max. pressure CATEURS $9.99 Dual action 6 WATER TANK KIT 100L$59.99 . A complete water tank set. Downpipe diverterwhich fits round or rectangular downpipes Tap with thread can be used to fill watering cans and buckets or connect any 19mm irrigation fitting #3piece stand raises the tankoff the ground uded Compact for smaller gardens While stocks last -please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the 8 Special Buys" wnhdeproueuc umayrneter hanarciowight stmancalnanangharsto worter and custom tu iiimientoreasonable quanies high demand.I t be a hazardous weight, i t of unexpected high demand, ALDIS limit purchases to r While product ma ing hazards to wor omers du