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ALDI Catalogue - 2.1.2019 - 8.1.2019 - Sales products - bed, bedside table, box, drawer, mattress, storage, suit, table, wardrobe, ottoman, rod. Page 4.
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S9999 $199 YEAR WARRANTY ea YEAR WARRANTY VERY HEAVY 99KG ING A HEAVY 37KG BRING HEAVY 39KG $8999 BULKY ITEM ea BRING A FRIEN a CHEST OF 3 DRAWERS $99.99. 3 drawers on metal runners. White or Walnut finish Assembled size:1.10m(W) x 40cm(D) x 82cm(H) See for all box sizes and dimensions D CHEST OF 4 DRAWERS $99.99 4 drawers on metal runners White or Walnut finish Assembled size: 60cm(W)x 40cm(D) x1.20m(H) G MIRRORED WARDROBE $199.3 internal drawers on metal runners. Aluminium hanging rod Assembled size:1.00m(W) x 60cm(D) x2.00m(H) Tufted detailing d STORAGE OTTOMAN $89.99 Soft close safety hinges . Assembled size: 1.00m(W) x 55cm(D) x 45cm(H) e QUEEN BEDHEAD $99.99. Fits standard Australian queen size bed Adjustable leg height options to suit mattress height O BEDSIDE TABLE $39.99 1 drawer on metal runners Open storage space . White or Walnut finish *Assembled size: 45cm(W) x 40cm(D) x 50cm(H) While stocks last please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand,ALDI Stores reserves the right to limít purchases to reasonable quantities 'Product is likely to cause injuryto customer frisk controls are notutilised. Product can potentially cause a manual handling injury due to its gross weight. While product may not be a hazardous weight, it still poses manual handling hazards to workers and customers due to its dimensions. 4 Special Buys