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ALDI Catalogue - 5.12.2018 - 11.12.2018 - Sales products - bag, basket, cotton, frame, garlic, storage, tea, towel, jar, onion. Page 4.
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OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 MARKET DAY $499 CRASTER KIPPERS 3p RMERS MARKET 1p TRMERS MARK 51299 2pc ea 4p A $1099 4pk ea 柲巡. 4pk ópk 3pc FARM FRES $9.99 S099 POTA ONIONS ea AR 2pk 8M T $999 GARLIC ea Appetit OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100卷 $1999 Contents notincluded A STORAGE BASKET $19.99 C PRODUCE BAGS 3 PIECE, COTTON APRON OR JUTE TOTE BAG 2 PACK $9.99 E WECK PRESERVING JARS OR JUICE BOTTLES $12.99 . 80ml, 370ml or 580ml Preserving Jars or 530ml Juice Bottles in assorted pack sizes Handwoven from natural seagrass Large 1 piece or Medium and Small 2 piece set Assorted designs TEA TOWEL 3 PACK $6.99 Coton. Assorted designs and colours Assorted designs B HEAVY DUTY SHOPPING TROLLEY $19.99 D F ACACIA WOOD BOARDS $9.99 . Lightweight and durable aluminium frame folds downflat for easy storage See for specific product features SWhilestocks last-please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities.